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Executive Presence Summit


What is Executive Presence?

A positive first impression sets the stage for a successful leader-team relationship. This program helps newly promoted or incoming leaders build strong connections with their teams from day one. We create a supportive environment where you'll develop clear action plans together, with everyone accountable for achieving success.

You've heard the term, but can you define it? Executive presence is that intangible quality that makes a leader stand out. It's the ability to connect, influence, and inspire others. It's the confidence that commands respect and the communication skills that get things done.

At Sherpa, we believe executive presence can be learned and we've identified ten key traits that contribute to a powerful executive presence and developed a program to help you master them.

We Can Help You Develop Executive Presence

Sherpa's Executive Presence Summit is a comprehensive program designed to help you master the ten key traits that define a strong executive presence. These traits, identified through extensive research, are the foundation for successful leadership.

  • Boost Your Communication Skills: Learn to articulate your ideas clearly and concisely, leaving a lasting impression on colleagues and superiors. 

  • Command Attention: Develop the confidence and poise that gets you noticed in a crowded room.

  • Become a More Effective Leader: Inspire and motivate your team, fostering collaboration and achieving better results. 

  • Navigate Difficult Conversations: Learn to handle challenging situations with grace and professionalism.

Program Features

This interactive 3-hour program, delivered live or virtually, provides a deep dive into the core elements of executive presence.

  • Targeted Development: Each participant will choose a specific executive presence trait to focus on. 

  • Expert Guidance: You'll receive a dedicated workbook and have the opportunity to work with a coach or facilitator to develop your chosen trait.  


  • Actionable Strategies: Learn practical tools and techniques you can immediately apply in your daily work life.

  • Flexible Program Delivery: This interactive program can be delivered in a flexible format—choose between a live session or a convenient video conference.

Ten Key Traits That Define a Strong Executive Presence

Through extensive research, we have identified ten core traits that contribute to a powerful executive presence. Our findings demonstrate that each of these traits can be developed and honed. We've created a series of ten Executive Presence books, each focusing on a specific trait, to empower professionals on their leadership journey. The top ten traits include:

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The Sherpa Advantage

You'll work with an experienced coach through regular, personalized sessions to set clear goals, develop new strategies, and overcome challenges. This focused partnership empowers you to achieve specific, positive changes in your leadership style and overall business impact, all within a defined timeframe.

Industry-Leading Coaching

Since the company’s founding in 2004, we have trained over 10,000 leaders and certified more than 600 coaches using the profession's most widely recognized and respected program: The Sherpa Guide: Process-Driven Executive Coaching.

Our proven coaching process empowers leaders through personalized executive coaching delivered by a global network of certified experts. We also offer workshops and training programs designed to refine leadership skills at all levels.

Positive, Impactful, Measurable Results

We champion structured coaching as the cornerstone of leadership development.

Our programs equip your management team with the skills to become exceptional leaders and cultivate a thriving coaching culture that permeates your entire organization.

This translates into a positive, impactful, and measurable effect on your company's success. 


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