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2024 Sherpa Executive
Coach Recertification

LIVE Virtual Event |  September 19th, 2024 | 12:00 - 4:00 PM ET

You've mastered the Sherpa Executive Coaching Certification,
but the climb doesn't stop there.

Stay at the forefront of your field with our Recertification Program. This four-hour recertification program ensures you continue leveraging the industry-leading Sherpa process, endorsed by universities and industry leaders and lauded for its effectiveness. This Recertification will equip you with the latest coaching methods and insights, ensuring you deliver exceptional results for your clients and maintain your position as a top Certified Sherpa Coach.

This year's topic is "The Business Partner Analysis" from the book Executive Presence: Results

A team of experienced facilitators will lead the Sherpa Recertification event. The group includes Danielle Redder, DeCoffette Ward, and Sherpa's founders, Brenda Corbett and Judy Colemon-Kinebrew. They will also be joined by guest speaker Dr. Laura Bierema.

  • Date: Thursday, September 19th, 2024

  • Time: 12:00 - 4:00 PM ET

  • Cost: $500/person

  • Where: Live and interactive virtual experience

  • Hours: 4

  • Credits: 0.4 CEUs


What You Will Get By Recertifying

  • A free audio and video download of the recertification program
  • Free download of the Business Partner Analysis PowerPoint presentations
  • Commitment and motivation to keep coaching, using the process with mastery
  • Copy of Executive Presence: Results book
  • PDF template of Business Partner Analysis
  • Networking with a group of inspiring leaders and executive coaches

Important Things To Know

  • This recertification through the University of Georgia entitles you to use the Certified Sherpa Coach designation in your promotional materials, resulting in better results for your coaching practice, whether internal or external. You will gain 0.4 CEU credits for participating.

  • Any previously certified Sherpa Coach is eligible for this renewal. There will be pre-work to prepare for this program. Sign up today, and you'll receive an email with all the details and your login credentials.

  • Cancellation Policy: Sherpa Library, LLC issues refunds (minus a $50 processing fee) for cancellations made on or before September 5, 2024.

  • A recording will be available if you cannot attend the live program.

Why Get Recertified?

Unlock New Coaching Opportunities
Unlock New Coaching Opportunities

Certified Sherpa Coaches qualify for advanced roles like Certified Skills Trainer (CST), Certified Practicum Instructor (CPI), or Certified Sherpa Educator (CSE).

Maintain Your Sherpa Advantage
Maintain Your Sherpa Advantage

Recertification allows you to continue promoting your coaching practice using the prestigious Sherpa name and logo.

Stay Ahead of the Curve
Stay Ahead of the Curve

Access the latest coaching insights, research, and refined techniques to deliver even more impactful results for your clients. 

Sharpen Your Sherpa Edge
Sharpen Your Sherpa Edge

Deepen your understanding of the Sherpa Process framework and master new tools to create a broader, more successful coaching practice.


Recertification FAQs

What if I can’t make the live virtual program on September 19th?

You can access the program recording until it expires on October 19, 2024. For the recertification, you must:

- Watch the 4-hour recording.
- Complete a Business Partner Analysis and send your document to
- You will receive your certificate and CEUs from the University of Georgia upon completion.
What are the benefits of being a recertified Sherpa Coach?

Access new coaching materials, explore advanced strategies for working with high-level executives, and discover effective client homework techniques. The program also delves into mastering engagement closure and identifying the filters that can cloud client perceptions, empowering you to deliver a more impactful coaching experience.

Does Sherpa offer a support network for coaches?

Do you need fresh perspectives on a coaching challenge? Are you facing a complex client situation? Your Sherpa colleagues are just a phone call away, offering valuable advice and collaborative problem-solving. This camaraderie fosters not only professional growth but also lasting friendships within the coaching world.

What is the Business Partner Analysis Certification program, and how can it benefit me? (For all participants)

The Business Partner Analysis Certification program equips you to facilitate a powerful assessment tool for your clients. This certification allows you to guide clients through the Business Partner Analysis process in either two or four increments. The analysis helps clients in several key areas:

- Identifying Key Partners: You'll learn to help clients pinpoint the essential partners crucial for their success. 
- Verifying Commitment & Shared Vision: The program equips you to ensure all partners are aligned and have a clear understanding of the project's goals.
- Determining Accountability: You'll guide clients in defining clear roles and responsibilities for each partner.
- Improving Communication: The certification empowers you to foster effective communication channels between partners.
- Celebrating Success: The program helps clients establish milestones and celebrate achievements throughout the project journey.

By becoming certified in Business Partner Analysis, you'll gain valuable skills to help your clients build strong partnerships and achieve results.

What do I receive upon completing the Sherpa Coach recertification program? (For Certified Sherpa Coaches only)

This recertification program offers two benefits: maintaining your Sherpa Coach status and expanding your skillset with the Business Partner Analysis certification. Once you successfully complete the recertification assignments for Certified Sherpa Coaches (CSC), you'll retain two key designations:

- You become a Certified Sherpa Executive Coach from Sherpa Library LLC: This recertification ensures your continued membership in the esteemed Sherpa Coach community.

- Business Partner Analysis Certification: In addition to maintaining your coaching credentials, you'll also gain valuable skills in facilitating Business Partner Analysis for your clients. 

Enroll in the 2024 Sherpa Library Recertification Program