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Licensing And Pricing

Finding Inspiration at Every Turn

Prices are based on your organization’s employee count. Each program can be licensed separately, so you can get started with very little cost. Additional programs can be licensed separately, at any time.

Take a look at these programs and the favorable pricing that lets you get started right away.

It’s quite likely that you spend $1,000 per employee each year on training costs. A Sherpa license will not break your budget.


Licensing any one of these five programs for unlimited internal use costs just $5.25 per employee, plus a one-time startup fee of $3.95 per employee. Prices are negotiable and flexible, to meet your needs.


Each additional program is priced at $5.25 per employee, too. The entire suite is priced at just $24.95 per employee (minimum 500). Payments can be stretched over time…..


The cost of the program license will quickly show up in reduced employee turnover, higher productivity and a better coaching culture

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What you get: For each program, you’ll get access to a digital library with all the resources you’d expect. You arrange printing as you go. You can add logos and branding for your corporate university, so these programs will fit right in with what you are already doing. You can get DiSC assessments from your current provider or at


The employee count is based on total company size, including subsidiaries, any parent company and its subsidiaries.

Coaches and consultants who wish to resell licenses for this material can contact us for more details.

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